Fee Schedule

Below is my basic fee schedule. Please note that this fee schedule is not inclusive and other services may also be billed as requested by my clients or their representative (record reproduction, etc).  Please note that I do not accept or file any type of insurance and I am considered out-of-network by insurance companies.  I will provide you with a bill containing all necessary information for you to submit to your insurance company.  If you are interested in filing for insurance I strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company and inquire about their out-of-network benefits for mental health treatment.  In some instances, the insurance companies will reimburse you but only with prior authorization and/or a physican referral prior to our initial appointment. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this often confusing process!


$250        Diagnostic Assessment

The diagnostic assessment consists of 2 60-minute therapy sessions billed together.  This is suitable for assessment of a child or teen. The first appointment is conducted with the parents only and the second appointment involves my meeting with the child or teen.


$175        Brief Diagnostic Assessment

This is an abbreviated assessment session in that it occurs over the course of one visit only and is suitable for adult assessment and/or consultation regarding a child.


$150       50 minute Individual Therapy

Individual and/or parent sessions that last approximately 45 to 50 minutes and billed at $150.


$80        25 minute Individual Therapy

These are suitable for brief follow-ups or to solve a very specific situation related to an indivual's treatment.  They last approximately 25 to 30 minutes are billed at $80.